Flirty, Horny

We Won!

Congraef Congratf

Well done Ravensnores Ravens, you played well!

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Concentrating, Busy, Studying

Alive, me ? Of course!

Here I am, breaking away from my revision studying... breaking away from all my followers to get a chance to type you guys an entry to inform you I'm still alive. And kicking, I suppose.
I've been a bit busy with my books several adoring fans, and therefore haven't been about much to talk with, I know. I'm sorry guys. I'm just concentrating hard having... fun.
Before I run off back to my books cute gang of girls, I shall leave you with my warning label:
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Moping, Upset

[Private, Strongly Warded]

Must be something to do with this..
He couldn't have been here.
Not without warning from her...
Maybe I'll just stay in my room for a while until it's all calm again. Running was easier than speaking...
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Happy, Amused

I haven't posted much, I know.

I have had... other things on my mind, as you may know.
However, I'm not completely oblivious to the fact we have a Quidditch match coming up soon.
And don't think that just because I've had my mind on other things that I'm not planning on winning.
After all, I am Draco Malfoy, and I am A Slytherin, and We Do Not Lose.

Unless certain circumstances come to play, like last match, in which ... we did ...lose...

None the less! I'm expecting the team to meet me in the dorms tonight, Who we have of the team, at least and we will work out a vigorous schedule. It is not an expectation that is to be taken lightly. The word expectation gives no room for excuses. I don't care if you have to wash your hair. If my hair can last half an hour longer for it's ritual wash, I'm sure yours can too. I'm looking at you here, Blaise. Yes, Don't think I don't know you have Hair Issues. I've seen what it looks like when you wake up; trust me, half an hour of not being washed can't do any worse to it than it already is. Just Kidding

And, to encourage you all further, I've done this ridiculous Quiz that Seth did earlier. Can't think why. It's all a load of poppy-cock, if you ask me.

Which Sin Are You?
Favourite Color
You are... Lust
This QuickKwiz by chibigarm - Taken 5318 Times.
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Private Entry

She's still missing.
She's still not here.
I'm coping. Working away and distracting myself. Ignoring the fact my Mother hasn't contacted me for quite a while. .... Should I be worrying about that? Alaric hasn't turned up, and she hasn't even owled.
But do I care? No.
I haven't had the ability to put my thoughts into words on this, because I don't want to break down. I thought I'd get used to it, or that she'd return, and I'd be a bit more at ease with it.
Blaise is panicked, anyone with eyeballs can see that. It's not enough that he's panicked over that though, I think there's something else. Something.... deeper. And I want to ask him, but if it is only the fact she's missing...
He hasn't asked me about her. The topic is there, waiting to be spoken about. But is it said? Nope. Nothing. We keep to ourselves. Slytherin way - worrying is weakness. Keep our problems to ourselves. Inside I'm breaking down because Mil
Mil Millc she's not here, and I miss her.

I can't even type her name without thinking that the worse has happened. What possessed me to be so rude to her him? Worry, I suppose...
My minds everywhere. I can't make sense of this. I want her back.
I want to have her here with me, make it all better. I need her here. I don't know how much longer I can take it without her near.

I ...

I just want My Mills to come home
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{Owl to Draco}


Your Mother is becoming insistent that I try to persuade you to invite myself and the little darling up to see you.
I didn't realise how much alike the two of you are until she decided that she was going abstain from letting me into her bedroom until I did something about the situation with you and your sister.

I want to see you soon.

It's not a case of I feel threatened by the fact Narcissa is constantly warning me that Lucius is coming to see your sister; I'm quite willing to put up with that.
But your mother is abstaining from letting me anywhere near her until I get to see you.

I am only human. And you know how often we slept together that one week were together, so you know how annoying this is to me.

Sort it out, please?

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